Lady Viola

30 years

My preferences:

Beginners welcome

NS & Squirting Special

Anal Treatment Deluxe with Prostate Highlight

Erotic Rape


Shoe- & foot erotic also with real nylons

breath control & facesitting


baby education

Feminization (make-up artist)


latex/leather/nylon and fur fetishist


Dirty Talk


Flag - Spanking

Bi-sexual games with my girlfriend or with my well stocked bishop slave

Torture of all kinds

psycho torture

long-term education

Easy and strict upbringing

Horizontal extension for pairs

My Taboos: KV and Vomit


Country: Swiss
Languages: German, English, Hungarian
Body figure: Slim
Height: 164 cm
Weight: 56 kg
Eyes color: Blue
Hair color: Blond
Hair length: Short
Dress size: M
Shoe size: 37
Cup size: 80 D
Breast: Silicon

My preferences :

Beginners welcome, NS & Squirting Special, Anal Treatment Deluxe, Erotic Rape, Strapon, Shoe & Foot Erotic also with real nylons, Breath Control & Facesitting, Slaps in the face, Baby Education, Feminisation (Make-up Artist), Rubberdoll, Latex / Leather / Nylon Fetish, Trampling, Dirty Talk, Escort, Flag - Spanking, Bi-sexual games with my girlfriend or with my well equipped Bisklave, Torture of all kinds, Psycho torture, Long term education, Easy and strict education, Horizontal extension for couples

My taboos :

KV and vomit